Meet the AFF Board

Tillman Pittman, President

Tillman Pittman joined AFF in 2005 and has served on the board since 2012. While he fishes for trout and saltwater species…his passion is warm water—especially small-mouth bass on Arkansas’ Buffalo River and Crooked Creek. A veteran himself, he enjoys giving back through Project Healing Waters.

Kenley Money, Vice President

Kenley Money joined AFF in 2010 and has served on the board since 2011. She started fly fishing in 2010 on local waters. Her love of fishing began with a cane pole and cork on a small creek in Montgomery County, Arkansas, where she would catch countless bream for the many barn cats around (the cats knew the sound of the returning car and would run out for a tasty fish meal). Even though she has fished from Vermont to Montana, she enjoys the Little Red River most of all.

Ron Blome, Secretary

Ron Blome has been a member of Arkansas Fly Fishers since 2015 and a Fly Fisherman since 2010. Besides fishing Arkansas' great tail-waters. Ron enjoys Fly Fishing for small-mouth on the Buffalo River and fly fishing on mountain streams in the Appalachian Mountains. Ron has several fly fishing outings documented on YouTube. Additionally, Ron is a freelance Video Journalist who works for THE WEATHER CHANNEL. 

Dewey Freeman, Treasurer

Dewey Freeman joined AFF in 2016, and he has been a fly fisherman since 1987.  Although he does most of his fly fishing on Arkansas’ tailwater streams, he also enjoys fishing the beautiful streams of the Rockies.  In addition to fly fishing, he pursues his passion for fly tying and design, gladly sharing his knowledge through teaching and demonstrating at shows, clinics and classes.  He has been invited to tie as a demonstration tier at the Southern Conclave, Sowbug Roundup, and FFI International Expo.  He a member of Fly Fishers International (FFI) and its Fly Tying Group.

John Shiver, Conservation Officer

Avid outdoorsman that enjoys hunting, fishing, canoeing, and sports of all kinds, John Shiver serves on the board of the Arkansas Fly Fishers as the Assistant Director of Conservation. His interests are preserving and protecting the watershed and environment that we enjoy. John is also an avid trout fisherman who has had opportunities to travel around on fly fishing to Colorado, Utah, and Montana. He has even fished with team Arkansas in the America’s Cup in Colorado. “ It was a humbling experience going against the best in the world!”

Bill McDonald, Membership and Attendance Coordinator

Bill McDonald joined AFF about 1999 and joined the board about 2004. He joined to pick members’ brains about fly fishing in cold water, which worked out great. Fishing ever since he was young, Bill’s previous experience was fishing with all types of tackle, including bass fishing with plastic worms, spin fishing for trout, and fly fishing for bream. “When I was given a fly rod, I didn't know anyone who owned one or knew how to use one. Learned from books, which is why I try to teach at every opportunity.”

Sherry Barnhart, Casting for Recovery Co-Coordinator

Sherry Barnhart joined AFF in 2018 and is an at-large board member. She began fly fishing in 2012 when she was a participant at a Casting for Recovery retreat. Because of the impact the retreat made on her life, she currently volunteers with AR Casting for Recovery and is also involved in helping provide opportunities to introduce women to fly fishing. Although she’s fished rivers in several states, her favorite place remains the White River in Arkansas. That is where she made her first cast, caught and released her first trout, and had her first experience of spending hours on the river yet feeling like it was only minutes 

Ashley Money, Project Healing Waters’ Coordinator

Ashley Money began his fly-fishing adventure in 2007 when he walked into the Ozark Angler Fly Shop in Little Rock and, after not finding minnows or worms in a refrigerator, finally asked what kind of fishing equipment they sold. A month later, while fishing an Orvis Anniversary Edition Zero Gravity fly rod on a crisp fall day on a West Virginia stream, he caught his first fish on the fly rod; a 13-inch brown trout. Needless to say, that was enough to be “hooked.” Ash became an AFF member in 2009 and joined the board in 2010. He has helped build partnerships between AFF and other community outreach programs including Project Healing Waters.

Bobby Cheatham, Board Member

Bobby Cheatham was born and raised in Arkansas and has been married for 55 years. Bobby is also a Navy Veteran and has a BS in accounting from UA Little Rock. He grew up with a fascination for the fly rod, which led him to the Arkansas Fly Fishers, around 1988. He has served as AFF’s president and has been a board member ever since. Additionally, in the 90s, he became an FFF Certified Casting Instructor and has taught casting at the Conclave and Sow Bug, which is in Mountain Home. His favorite fishing spots are the Buffalo, Crooked Creek, the King, etc. for small-mouth bass. Now retired from the Arkansas Division of Legislative Audit, Bobby spends his time with his family, which consists of his wife Sue, daughter Gina and her husband Doug, granddaughter Whitney and her husband Mason.

A. B. Naylor, Board Member

I started attending meetings in 2008. Officially joined the Arkansas fly fishers and quickly jumped on and started serving as a board member. I’ve also held the offices of secretary and treasurer. I am currently an at-large member. I grew up in Helena Arkansas. I moved to Little Rock in 1997. I’m employed as an optometrist at Arkansas Children’s hospital. Outside of fly fishing, I am an avid cyclist. I ride road bikes, mountain bikes, gravel bikes, you name. I also enjoy golf, and can be a bit of a beer geek. 

David Gardner, Board Member

David Gardner was introduced to fly fishing and AFF by attending his first club meeting in June of 2016.  Since that time and meeting with numerous members picking their brain and gathering information, David developed a strong desire to "fly fish it forward" assisting others that are new to fly fishing.  He is interested in trout management conservation and the promotion/preservation of Arkansas natural resources.  In addition to fly fishing, David enjoys duck hunting and is partial to black labs.  He is married to Pat and they have three children, two daughters in law and two precious grand daughters.

Mark Wingfield, Board Member

Mark joined the Arkansas Fly Fishers in 1991. He has served on the AFF board as both Vice President and President. Mark has always been passionate about the outdoors. He is a serious fly tyer and fly rod builder. Additionally, Mark enjoys camping, canoeing, kayaking and cycling. He has fly fished for game species all over the world but loves the small streams and Arkansas trout fisheries the most. Mark is married to Gena and they have two children and five grandchildren.