There are AFF members with mad fly tying skills who go head to head to see who is the baddest tier in the land each month! But don’t be put off if you think you are not advanced enough to compete. These patterns are selected not only because they are great patterns for fish catching but they will also force tiers to hone their skills. If you compete, you will be a better tier.

If you are new to a pattern…or even fly tying…you will find that while the competition is on, there is a lot of camaraderie and our members have a willingness to share skills and experience. A great place to meet many of these great tiers is at AFF’s Sipping & Tying the first Monday of the Month at Flyway Brewing.

The rules are pretty simple. The pictures below are just to give you an idea of the fly….each tier should have their own interpretation and variances, but the tier must use the appropriate hook size designated. Flies are judged by club members and guests during AFF’s monthly meeting & each individual can vote for one fly. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd are awarded based on the points received during that month’s challenge. 1st gets 3 points, 2nd gets 2 points, and 3rd gets one point. The tier with the most points at the end of the year wins.

2020 Flies

January:  No pattern. Banquet. 

February:  Allison Streamer, Size 8

March: Hackle Stacker Adams, Size 12-14

April: Material Tie. Any Pattern, Any Size using Elk Hair

May: Your favorite Bluegill pattern. Any Pattern, Any Size.

June: Red Fox Squirrel Nymph, Size 12-14

July: John Barr's Meat Whistle, Size 2

August: Material Tie. Any Pattern, Any Size using Bucktail

September: CW's October Caddis, Size 10-12

October: No Pattern. Fish Fry. 

November: Muddler Minnow, Size 10

December: Essential Hollow Fleye Baitfish, Size 2/0